Discover how can cyber bullying impact victims?

No matter if it is a traditional bullying or a cyberbullying, bullying of any types, causes an emotional & psychological distress. Actually, being a victim of bullying, the cyber bullied children experience fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. They might deal with very low self-esteem, physical symptoms, and challenges academically. However, targets of the cyberbullying experience unique consequences & negative feelings. So, here are some feelings that cyber bullied teens experience often.

Feel beset

Getting targeted by cyber bullies can be crushing particularly if many kids participate in a bullying. It will at times feel like the entire world knows about it. At times stress to deal with cyberbullying will cause children to feel the situation is much more than those they can handle.

Feel powerless

The victims of cyberbullying find it very hard to feel secure. Generally, it is because bullying will invade through computer or phone any time in a day. They have no place to escape. For a victim, they feel like bullying is everywhere. In addition, because bullies can stay anonymous, this will escalate the feelings of stress and fear.

Feel humiliated

Cyberbullying happens in the cyberspace, bullying on internet feels permanent. Teens know that when something is put up there, it always will be out there. Whenever cyberbullying happens, nasty posts, texts or messages are shared with many people.

Feel dissatisfied with life

Cyberbullying attacks the victims where they’re highly vulnerable. Thus, targets of the cyberbullying start to doubt their value and worth. Sometimes victims may change their attitude or appearance just to avoid any additional cyberbullying.

Feel vengeful and angry

Sometimes cyberbullying victims may get angry on what’s happening to them. Thus, they may plot revenge or engage in the retaliation. And this approach might be very dangerous as it keeps them totally locked in this bully-victim cycle.

Disinterested in life

If a cyberbullying is constant, for many, life will feel meaningless and hopeless. They will lose interest in certain things that they enjoyed & spend very less time in interacting with their friends and family. And in a few cases thoughts of suicide and depression will come in. Suppose you see any change in your kid’s behavior or mood, then get him checked by the doctor as early as possible.

Feeling of loneliness

Cyberbullying causes the teens to be ostracized and excluded at school. Such experience is painful as friends are important at this phase of their life. When kids do not have friends, then this will lead to bullying.