This might not be an important topic for many people, but for businesses, IBM i hosting is vital. For a business, there are a lot of things that need to be easily accessible like different applications and websites. You probably have heard so much about cloud hosting, but what is it really all about? Let this article be your guide on everything that you need to know about cloud hosting, especially IBM i hosting.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

This makes all the applications and websites within the cloud sources accessible. Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting is not deployed using a single server only. What it does is utilize a network that is connected virtually and physically within the cloud server hosts of the application or the website. This will ensure better flexibility and scalability for your business.

Cloud hosting has the following key features:

  • Solutions are designed to be automated and controlled using mobile apps, web portals, and APIs.
  • Applications and solutions are sent through a cloud network.
  • Resources are fit to user needs.
  • Can support both SQL and NoSQL database.

Reasons Why Choose Cloud Hosting

If you are still unsure whether to go for cloud hosting, here are more reasons why you should go for it: 

  • If you choose to use the traditional hosting services, know that what they offer is very limited bandwidth. With cloud hosting, it is able to accommodate traffic spikes and even seasonal demands of your company.
  • When hardware failure happens, this will not cause any downtime because the sites and the applications are hosted through a network of servers. This way, traffic will travel through different network interfaces and this is where it is segregated, then secured.

IBM i Hosting

What To Consider When Choosing Cloud Hosting Services

There are so many things that you should consider when choosing a cloud hosting provider. You should not choose the first company that offers you their services. So here are some of the most important factors that you have to take into consideration:

  • You should consider a cloud hosting provider with their own physical or operational options, network and system, data security, and application options.
  • Cloud hosting can provide tools and other specialist services that can help you manage your company’s cloud-hosted environment.
  • Companies and organizations should always make sure that they have a reliable and stable internet connection because latency will always be an issue.

Why Choose Cloud400?

Cloud400 is offered by Source Data Products. The Cloud400 is a secure and one of the most trusted IBM i cloud hosting solutions specifically for business-critical applications. With Cloud400, your cloud hosting is made easy, affordable, and flexible. So if you are looking for a cloud hosting company that you can trust, Source Data Products has all the solutions for you. This is an IBM Premier managed provider and they have and also the POWER Specialty Business partner. If you want to know more about IBM i hosting, visit Source Data Products today and find out your options for your company.