“Once you had a taste of money and power, you will not stop craving for them.”

To IlanTzorya, the story didn’t stop at Tradologic. And seems it will never stop. After regaining full control of Tradologic, having a taste of money and power; he then started a new business venture. He founded Krypton Capital in 2017. And under the leadership of whom? Who else? No one else but IlanTzorya himself.

It is an early-venture firm specializing in Blockchain startups and Blockchain investments. With a promise into…

“Turning ideas into successful ventures.”

Which is aiming to…

“Our investment philosophy focuses on providing added value equity financing for ventures in the technology, media, finance and blockchain space. Backed by our extensive resources, eco-system, and experience, our ‘smart money’ helps our partners grow with us.”

With IlanTzorya and his group’s real intentions hiding behind those beautiful words, many are lured to put their money and ideas into that business.

Companies Under IlanTzorya

There are many different brands, platforms and companies under IlanTzorya, under Krypton Capital. And knowing IlanTzorya, there maybe some that he didn’t put and even eliminated from the list. Below is a list of some of the companies under IlanTzorya and his company:

  • Coin Admin
  • Crypto Vest
  • Krypton Studio
  • Krypton Events
  • Crypto Academy
  • Token Target
  • Token Backers
  • RCN Global Lending
  • ICO / Token Sale (gladius)
  • Token Sale (neuromation)
  • online
  • Online
  • Smartologic Blockchain Solution
  • Innovative Law
  • ICO / Token Sale (fusion)

Krypton Capital

This list is probably the cleanest. Wait till you got your eyes on the companies that are involved in IlanTzorya’s illegal activities. Below is a list of some of them:

  • Crowdwiz
  • DTIG
  • Krypton Publisher
  • Intel Media
  • Krypton Mining
  • Krypton Publisher
  • Krypton Invest
  • Next-block
  • com
  • NEXT BLOCK Conference
  • Krypton Tech
  • Smartologic
  • Smart Invest
  • Krypton Venture
  • Krypton Blockchain
  • Krypton Trading
  • Markets Media Investment
  • Forex Development Corportaion
  • LT Tech
  • Krypton Solutions
  • Krypton Education

Possible Targets and Preys

Despite all the news against IlanTzorya – all the proofs and evidences of the illegal and criminal activities being connected to him, he just won’t stop. With Krypton Capital still running in the palm of his hands, he will keep on targeting people and businesses.

Now, he and his group are aiming for men who are known to be self-assured and confident, aging from 31 – 55 years old. The age group that would probably lose their money to fraud.

IlanTzorya’s possible target for fraud:

  • 24Winner
  • 777Binary
  • Big Option
  • Buzz Trade
  • CT Option
  • GT Opions
  • OneTwoTrade
  • Option Now
  • PWR Trade
  • Safe24Option

Now, so far so good for Ilan. Very convenient. He even got journalists to write and publish false and misleading information about his opponents by paying them.