Indonesia company incorporation is not very popular with most investors. Those who are looking for business expansion do not consider Indonesia first. Savvy entrepreneurs looking for an entry point into the continent favors this country. Indonesia’s progress in reducing barriers to entry for foreign investors is great. It enables international entrepreneurs to buy land and property. Indonesia has one of the fastest-growing middle classes in the world. The economy is always on the rise. So opportunities become available to businesses and investors considering expanding their business overseas.


The required minimum share capital for incorporating a company in Indonesia varies. It depends on the size and scope of your business. Who owns it is also a factor. Will the owners be Indonesian nationals or foreign shareholders? Indonesian-based businesses can incorporate with different amounts. The smallest share capital is US$3,500 and the greatest is US$35,000 for a local limited liability company.

Foreign entrepreneurs are usually required to have a significant upfront investment. This is so they can enter the market. An investment plan worth US $1.2 million or more is often needed from international investors. You should deposit at least a quarter of that amount as initial share capital. Some investors find this as offputting. But there is a possibility of bypassing the needed money. Work with Indonesian-based entrepreneurs as a joint venture. You can also apply for an Indonesian visa or citizenship. You can then incorporate it as if you were a resident of that country. You should have at least two shareholders, one resident director, and a commissioner.

Indonesia company incorporation

Assess demand

Determine the level of demand for your products and services. Talk to local citizens and analyze the performance of your competitors. Conduct your own primary research and stress tests. Determine the success of your venture with Indonesian consumers using the results. Visit Indonesia on a market research mission. Secure contracts by discussing with potential clients.

Business entity type

You can access the needed benefits and tax relief when expanding across South Asia. It is important to choose the right entity type for your business because it will save you time and effort.

Representative office

A representative office is often considered by foreign firms. Remember that businesses can only conduct research and promotional activities. Not revenue-gathering activities. You should also remember that Indonesia does not offer a Branch Office entity.

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