Almost everything can be accessed online because of technology and the internet. As long as you have the expertise, you can quickly get in touch with your friends or do your research using your computer. But because of technology, some malicious people tend to use it for evil, like when they launch a cyber attack on other businesses. They can hack through their system and steal critical data and assets and use them for evil. This could permanently damage a company if they fail to bounce back. Because of this, having a backup plan is a must.

Blackpanda is one such company that handles everything that revolves around cybersecurity. They offer many kinds of services that could help protect your company from breaches and other types of cyberattacks. They can help with cyber security incident response, incident response retainers, incident response preparation, digital forensics, compromise assessments, and insider threat investigation. If you have a company that you know will be needing extra precaution and protection, Blackpanda will be more than willing to help. They extend their help to many countries across Asia, so check them out.

Uncover Vital Information and Pieces of Evidence with Digital Forensics

If you experienced getting hacked or breached by cyber hackers, one of the first things you need to do is call in someone who knows how to determine and find vital information that could lead to discovering who planned the attack. Luckily, Blackpanda has a Digital Forensic Service where a team can uncover vital information and cybersecurity data. These professionals can also locate pieces of evidence from computer-related artifacts. All of these is a big thanks to their many years of law enforcement experience, which helps them effectively investigate cyber breaches and provide full and impartial reports.

The evidence found can be used in legal proceedings because the Digital Forensics Team can support legal investigations and show legitimate evidence gathered from computers. Blackpanda also works with corporate and private entities to help recover lost data and pieces of information. Aside from that, they can investigate all employees, including terminated ones who might have a history of handling the company’s data. Experts can also recover data that you thought was already stolen or corrupted in your system.

Prevent Your Business From Crashing Down

Blackpanda has a Cyber Incident Response Team that can help you bounce back from cybersecurity breaches. Everybody knows that once a company gets hacked, there is a big chance of not getting back up. And because of that, the expertise of the Incident Response Team is needed in cases like these. They could easily manage post-breach losses with their retained and on-demand incident response services. You can also prevent a future data breach and save millions of dollars with the help of an incident response plan in place. With their innovative system and cybersecurity response software, they can efficiently and effectively respond to any crisis that may arise.

There are local and remote experts who can manage crises and problems more quickly. These are highly trained people who know how to take a look at what’s going on. They can identify the primary source of the breach and use a successful solution to stop it before it happens again. Partnered with their years of experience in law enforcement, they are considered elite and have the professionalism and background in international special forces.