With its advantages in geography, economics, infrastructure, communications, legal system and other aspects, Hong Kong offers comprehensive business services to investors from all over the world. Thousands of international companies benefit greatly from setting up their companies in Hong Kong. He has always maintained an open policy, and his very free economic system is also one of the main factors in attracting numerous companies.

Below are the amenities and privileges that can be enjoyed when opening companies in Hong Kong.


The company can enjoy the freedom of management. If a company is incorporated in Hong Kong, it may have a free right to it using words such as “International”, “Asia”, “Hong Kong”, “Group”, “Holding”, “Industry, Investments”, etc. Besides Moreover, having a wide range of businesses, a company can conduct any business as long as it is legal.

Set up

The company can be quickly set up, and the overseas company registration hong kong process is very convenient. In addition, the required authorized capital is small and does not require a certificate of capital. If necessary, investors can also increase the registered capital.

Tax breaks

You can enjoy tax breaks. The tax system is simple and the tax rate is low. All goods are exempt from duty, with the exception of imported cigarettes, wine and other delicacies. As a rule, tax is understood as income tax, the rate of which is only 16.5%. Other taxes, such as business tax, value added tax, etc., are not. And income tax only needs to be reported once a year.

Financing channels

Its financial center has diversified financing channels that make it easy for businesses to provide loans and financing. Without currency control, there will be fewer restrictions on the transfer of capital, which will bring much more comfort to work with capital. Many companies choose the Hong Kong capital market as their fundraising market and then transfer funds to the domestic market according to the needs of the local company.

High reputation

Finally, it also enjoys a high reputation, which helps the company gain international trust and improves its corporate image. In the context of economic globalization, business is becoming more international and cross-border. Establishing a company in Hong Kong can also give the company the ability to do cross-border business.

Despite all these advantages of hong kong limited company registration, companies should note that there are also disadvantages. After the establishment of the company, there is an annual audit and an annual report, and an audit is necessary when there is any business that will bring a certain amount of fees. Before registering companies in Hong Kong, foreign investors should make sure that it is suitable for this. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort.