When it comes to maximising your source of income, many people would also consider investments to be a good retirement investment plan since they can provide large yields on your money. If you’re new to investing, you may start with modest sums of money in lower-risk investments and gradually increase the size of your entire portfolio.It is, on the other hand, essential to plan for probable losses in your assets. As a result, when placing your money into high-risk investment avenues, investing at an early stage is preferable. Making investments later in life might put you in an even more precarious position than it already does. It is possible to divide a person’s financial life into two phases: the accumulation and disbursement phases. The working life is the period during which money is accumulated. The distribution phase is the stage in which decisions about how and when to spend money are made.

This is the stage at which the majority of expats in Singapore make a mistake. In many circumstances, an excessive amount of money is dispersed for spending during the working years, leaving an insufficient amount for spending during retirement. Additionally, the distribution of resources in retirement must be carefully managed since the residual savings must be sufficient to survive until death.

retirement investment plan

Retirement Plan to enhance your employer’s and state-provided retirement benefits

An offshore pension plan to fit your mobile expat lifestyle with no country limits on contributions or withdrawals

Allows for consistent long-term retirement planning without the need to create or shut a pension account every time you relocate to a new country. When it comes to international retirement planning, the transitory expatriate who, like their local counterpart, aspires to invest and make financial preparations for their future has a fantastic option available to them.With this geographically movable option, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle and disruption of forming a new retirement plan every time you relocate to a new nation.You are not limited in terms of which nation you may donate from or from which country you can withdraw/encash upon retirement.


The plan remains in the exact location when you move around, and it continues to grow tax-free during the whole period since it is invested in a tax-efficient investment region. Due to the fact that you are an expat, typical pensions are of little benefit to you. A considerably more flexible expat retirement plan that can adjust to changes in your circumstances and act as a lifeline when you need it makes far more sense in your situation.