Banks play the key role of investors and help people in buying their house. Different banks have their variant conditions and interest rate against the home loan. It became necessary for a home buyer to take a mortgage loan if he has no enough amounts to purchase through his pocket.  There are certain situations when people apply for a mortgage even when they can pay it off for property. In the situation when investors pledge assets to release funds for other properties they take a mortgage. Banks built certain eligibility criteria for the applicants to get a mortgage loan. They have to first qualify for the loan in the pre-approval process. A person who has stability and a reliable income can get a mortgage loan easily. According to FHA loan rules, a person must have at least a 580 credit score before applying for a property loan while a 620 score is necessary for conventional loans. A mortgage is taken by those who used to finance the property. Every loan is not a mortgage. They have secured loans but if you don’t pay the installments on time then the lender can take possession of your home.

How mortgage loan works: When your mortgage loan is sanctioned, the lender will pay the amount to buy the house. The total time of re-payment depends on the salary and age of a borrower. The rate of interest is known by current market rates and the height of risk taken by the lender to give you money. With higher credit score tends to low interest rate. There is the involvement of two parties exist in the mortgage transaction. One is the lender and the other is the borrower.

  • A lender is an investor who provides the amount to buy a home by adding a certain rate of interest on the total loan.
  • A borrower is a person who is seeking to take a loan for buying a home.

There are five different types of mortgage loan:

  1. Conventional mortgages: A kind of loan which is not insured by the federal government is called conventional mortgages. They are of two types:
  2. Conforming loans and
  3. Non-conforming loans
  4. Jumbo mortgages: It is a kind of loan that has non-conforming limits.
  5. Government-insured mortgages: The help given by the side of government for their people in buying a house through providing those mortgages is called Government-insured mortgages.
  6. Fixed-rate mortgages: The rate of interest on your loan amount is running the same throughout the whole period is called Fixed-rate mortgages.
  7. Adjustable-rate mortgages: Fluctuation on the market conditions, the rate of interest also varies up and down during the whole period of loan repayment.

Conclusion: Buying a home is an exciting thought in itself. It may be converted into a burden for those who have no enough amounts to purchase a property. In this situation, banks help them a lot. The kind of loan taken against property is termed a mortgage loan.