Standard for creating this currency so for centuries metals are quite popular when it comes to trading. Precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum attract traders and also investors. They have huge inherent value, silver trading platform can help you in trading. You can also do gold trading online. These are organically occurring and rare precious metals. They do not oxidize, corrode or tarnish naturally. They are especially used in making jewellery. Nonetheless there are many other applications of these precious metals.

Forex trading is buying and selling of currency. This is done in pairs. USD/ EUR is the most popular currency pair. This market is open across the world 24 hours all five days of the week, so you have enough flexibility for trading from any part of the globe. There are no restrictions or limits on the amount of trading and how you want to respond to the changes happening in the forex market . The forex market is open across all countries in the world 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You have the flexibility to trade from any part of the world at your convenience. There are no limits or restrictions to how little you trade and how soon you respond to the changing market.

What is Forex?

FX refers to Forex or foreign exchange. We need to do currency exchange especially when we are travelling abroad. For this we need to buy and sell currency at the rate of exchange provided by Forex. Forex trading is very much similar to this. It’s not like stock because the forex market is decentralized.

Currency is always traded in pairs. For instance GBP/USD, where GBP is referred to as base currency, USD is referred to as quote currency.  Buying and selling or offering and bidding are other phrases that are used for currencies.

Price difference creates trading opportunities

The currency value changes all the time and trading currencies totally depends on this. In Forex you have to deal with buying and selling currency. You must speculate changes in the market whether they will rise or fall and when you can do this, it can give you a major advantage. When the market starts rising it is called a bullish market and when it falls it is called bearish.  Trading strategy must be based on bullish and bearish.