Have the natural wonders of Australia and the opportunities it offers lured you lately? And so, you are planning to consider migration to Australia from Singapore? Well, go on and get counted among other 300,000 Singapore citizens already brooding there either for work or simply living. However, before you head on and dream further about residing in the country, get to the ground and know what it takes. You will have to fulfill the requirements to live in Australia and adhere to particular legal rules and obligations. Here, we shall walk you through what you need to consider when migrating from Singapore to Australia. Read on!

Things required to migrate to Australia

A typical way of migrating to Australia is through Sponsored/ Nominated visas and Skilled Immigration visas. In case you are opting for any of these, you will have to satisfy the following pre-requisites:

migration to australia from singapore

  • A bands score in the IELTS examination or English language proficiency.
  • Turn in the EOI (Expression of Interest) through online mode.
  • In case you have applied for Sponsored/ Nominated visa, then, you need to have a Nomination/ Sponsorship from State or Territory in Australia.
  • Should Acquire a minimum of 65 points in the immigration system based on a points system, which includes work experience, education, English proficiency, age, etc.
  • Must hold needed certification as proof of your overall good health and no criminal history.

You may ask the expert as well for further and current details.

Migrating to Australia for employment

In case you are seeking an abode in Australia for work/ job, then you need to first check if the work you have chosen is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List or not. The list states all the jobs and works which are in demand in the country. Further, you may also peruse the following catalogs to check how much is your chosen job in demand in Australia.

– Short-term Skilled Occupation list aka STSOL

– Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List aka MLTSSL

You may shift to Australia under the list, Skilled Stream.

If you are of those thinking of migration to australia from singapore, then you can choose from different visa subcategories depending upon which class you qualify. You can check out the immigration systems of Australia for getting your PR visa which streamlines the immigration process while ascertaining that qualified applicants get their visas.