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Benefits of anti-counterfeit packaging
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Benefits of anti-counterfeit packaging

Have you ever seen a product of your favourite company that looks a bit weird? It might be something with the spelling or colour of the product, but you can easily understand the difference. It looks like something that you cannot even compare to the original product, and yet it feels awkwardly the same. These products are known as counterfeit type products. The main goal of these products is to mimic famous brands and find profits.

What’s the harm in it?

The market for these counterfeit products is going on at an exponential rate. If you cannot sell your shoes, a small tick mark on the sides would shoot the sales of the product because everyone would guess it’s Nike, and the consequences of these illegal practices would cause various problems. The revenue loss of the original company is one of the major disadvantages of counterfeit products. The market’s profit share splits into various parts due to the counterfeit products.

anti counterfeit packaging is done to help the products of the company to be more identifiable to the general population. It would be much easier for the company if they can make certain labels that make their product unique from counterfeiting, and if this happens it would reduce the possibility of getting counterfeit products from the market.

How are these anti-counterfeit packaging done?

Do you know how we can distinguish between fake currencies and real currencies? The same principle would be applied here. The most common thing that a customer notices about the product is the label that is present on the product. If you change the label or make it unique in a way that would not be copied by any fake companies, it would result in something that would be unique to your product. Technologies like barcode scanning are very popular as of now, and companies can provide bonuses or simple scratch back cards that would give discounts on these bar codes which would be a form of anti counterfeit packaging. The barcodes would be attached to the labels of their original product, and people would go for barcodes rather than simple products.

The major disadvantage of not having a proper label that distinguishes your company from others would be that your company’s reputation would be at risk. If your company sells pharmaceuticals, the quality checking and the quality assurance part of your product is the best in the market and that is why your company is famous. But, counterfeit products would ruin the company’s reputation by selling products that are of inferior quality.