Before understanding how to trade online , let us remember that the  trader sets himself 2 goals :

earn as much as possible;

lose as little as possible

It is impossible to trade online without risking anything, unless it is an online trading simulator  or  online trading demo.  Only in these cases is there a zero risk. In fact, both in the event of a loss and a win, we speak only and only of virtual money and not of a real online trading account.

So nothing is gained or lost, but only a lot of practice and experience. Thinking of trading online without considering the loss is not possible. Experienced online traders know very well that it is normal to run into losses when trading online – after all, no one is perfect.

The important thing is to have a percentage of gain that is higher than that of loss: in this way, in the long term, excellent profits can be obtained. There has never been anyone who has always and only earned from online trading.

How much you earn with online trading depends solely on the skill of the investor and the effectiveness of the trading strategy that is implemented.

trading strategy


Very often when you ask yourself how to get started with online trading you hear the answer that it is a simple activity, but it is not.

First of all, the first step is to open a free demo account with a regulated broker, to be able to test the trading platform and gain experience without depositing money and without risking investing your capital. In the table below are the best:

The possibility of being successful with online trading comes from the strategy that is applied.


Taking the first steps in online trading is not easy and we all know it: from those who have already been there to those who are starting right now to approach this world. Above all it is not easy because the first steps are the fundamental ones.

It is in this juncture that an aspiring online dealer preps his own circuit of “studies” and on what to establish his awareness initially. If possible, being careful to constantly incorporate theory with exercise (which using a virtual balance allows you to do operations without hazarding real money).