When talking about Hong Kong salaries, the 50th percentile of workers earned $74 an hour in 2020. It was calculated by the Census and Statistics Department. The median monthly wage of employees rose 1.5% to more than $18 from May to June 2022, as reported by the C&SD.

Hong Kong salary in 2021

Amidst the pandemic, many are asking about the salary in Hong Kong. Did it decrease or increase? The hk salary guide can be learned, if there are changes made, the Government has announced that the minimum allowable wage for foreign domestic helpers in HK remains at $4, 630 monthly.

Additionally, in the Standard Employment Contract to hire foreign domestic helpers, employers are required to provide the FDHs with food -free of charge. Currently, the huge majority of employers are providing free food to foreign domestic helpers. Employers choose to pay the food allowance in lieu. Expect that the food allowance will increase by $52 not less than $1, 121 to no lower than $1, 173 monthly.

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The new food allowance level applies to all FDH contracts signed on or the day after tomorrow. The Government in Hong Kong makes sure that all the FDH would get the right food allowance regularly. If you are planning to work in HK, there is no need for you to think about how much your food consumption would cost. Aside from the free food of charge, there are employers who are too kind to their helpers, giving more than the minimum wage.

General economic and labor market in Hong Kong

According to the established practice in HK, the general economic and labor market conditions for the past years as well as the near-term economic outlook that includes the impact of the pandemic. You should check out the present salaries with a calculator by getting the market salary download guide. Considering the above info, the affordability of employers as well as FDHs’ livelihood, the Government decided that the Minimum Allowable Wage level for FDHs must stay unchanged.

Foreign Domestic Helper contracts signed today or even earlier with a food allowance of no less than one thousand dollars monthly will still be processed by the ImmD (Immigration Department). Provided that the apps reach the ImmD, the arrangement gives employers adequate time to send the signed contracts to the Immigration Department for the necessary application procedures completion.

If you are planning to work in HK, you will understand how the salary goes as well as the benefits get through the market salary app.