Are you worried about the points when comparing office relocation services and the characteristics of each product? In this article, we will introduce you to recommended office relocation services. Please refer to it relocation specialists because they explain what you should do before choosing an office relocation service and the points of comparison.

It will match recommended properties and real estate companies just by entering conditions such as location and cost. Since it provides total support for office relocation, you can also be entrusted with negotiations with real estate companies and confirmation of various contract documents. Even if you use an external moving company, you can still manage your payments.

it relocation specialists

Service Outline

In conjunction with the office relocation, they will carry out total operations such as movement and installation of IT equipment, relocation of the environment including network equipment, power supply work, etc., from coordination to equipment transportation and installation, and operation confirmation agency after relocation.
It is possible to smoothly build a communication environment such as Wi-Fi and telephone lines at the relocation office. Even when a full-time employee is absent, you can still respond without problems. They will propose layouts and estimates suitable for the needs of companies. They specialize in “small office” relocation support and deal with office relocation planning, equipment transportation, layout design, etc. They can also handle the packaging of precision equipment and the collection and disposal of unnecessary items. They also provide relocation support for offices other than offices, such as sales offices and workshops. We can also organize requirements for problem-solving and support concept setting. By attending seminars held regularly, you can get the latest real estate situation.

Features and effects

⦁ Relocate IT infrastructure that cannot be simply transported, such as PCs, printers, network wiring, server equipment, and racks in the server room.
⦁ They also support power supply work at the relocation destination.
⦁ If there are procedures and checklists, etc., it is also possible to check system operation after relocation on behalf of
⦁ It is also possible to remove the wiring of the office before relocation and return to the current situation.
Points to consider
⦁ From large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, many achievements
⦁ Total support from relocation implementation to operation follow-up.
⦁ Stay up-to-date with years of experience
⦁ One-stop search for rooms nationwide and acquisition of moving estimates is possible.
⦁ Recommended for companies that are having trouble finding a room at the time of relocation and making moving arrangements.
⦁ If the number of transferees per year is 20 or more, the cost merit is also great!