All companies strive to make themselves known to advertise their products and services and attract customers. Proper coverage can be costly, so companies are always looking for ways to reach the widest possible audience in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Online press releases offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising.

A well-written press release can lead to a lot of publicity for your company in the media. Done right, your press release will help you climb to the top of the search engine rankings and get noticed wherever people search the web, leading to more traffic to your site.

Guidelines to follow if you want your online press release to achieve the desired results:

  • It should have a concise and attractive title (search engines will truncate too long titles, resulting in poor appearance).

  • There should be an introductory paragraph describing the basics of the story and encouraging readers to keep reading.

  • The text of your online press release should expand with an introductory paragraph and complement the story.

  • The last paragraph should tell readers a little about your company and include contact information.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital. It effectively means that the keywords and phrases that people will use to find you or your product should naturally be included at regular intervals throughout the article.

  • The audience’s attention can be better held if your release contains a multimedia aspect. Embedded videos, photos, and graphics will help you stand out and help with search engine rankings.

  • Ideally, your releases should be around 500 words. The length is enough to give readers the information you want to convey without scaring them with a large block of script that will take forever to read.

You will need to use an online press release distribution service to publish. The growth in popularity of this medium means that there are many distribution services to choose from; some are free, and most charge a fee.

Most reputable newswire service will guide you through the entire process of preparing and publishing your story. They advise writing style and content and edit your content to ensure it meets their technique and has the best chance of success. Many will even write an online press release for you.


These services have an extensive online distribution network and should see them launch on sites. Of course, there are no guarantees, but online press releases prove critical to building a business. It is the future path, and they are already upon us today.