A private investigator is a person who is typically hired by another person, a company, or an attorney to assist in the investigation of a specific situation or case. These professionals are working outside of law enforcement. They can also be hired for various reasons and in a wide variety of types and specializations of private investigators. The best private detective in Singapore.

Top 8 private investigators

Many private investigators or detectives have a few different types, whom they are specialized in. The specialization of each private investigator is used to target their client and their marketing. You have the best-known investigators including computer forensics, arson, criminal defense, civil/domestic, corporate, hotel, and loss prevention. But, there are several options that a private detective may decide to specialize in.

Here are the top 8 different private investigators:

  1. Accident/Reconstruction. It is the same as what a crime lab might do. A private detective in the field of accident reconstruction investigates the specific crime or accident to determine who might be responsible or what really happened.
  2. Arson/Fire. Fire investigators are also private detectives who often work directly for fire departments, determining the cause of fire whether it is arson or naturally happened.
  3. Asset search. It is the private investigator who deals with an asset investigation. The detective or investigator may search public records confirming real estate ownership or property by a corporate entity or a person.

What Can A Private Investigator Help You?

  1. Background checks. Whether complex or simple, private detectives can perform extensive background checks on people to determine the following:
    1. Criminal history
    2. Past aliases
    3. Confirm information given as part of a job interview or application
  1. Cell phone records. A private detective may get cell phone records. It is usually with a search warrant or consent. These investigators are allowed to scour the records and history of the cell phone, usually with the intent for the following:
    1. determining fraud
    2. find missing person
    3. infidelity
  1. Civil. A civil investigator has the goal to uncover and seek out related to a civil trial. It happens when one person sues another for different reasons.
  2. Custody/child support. A private investigator or detective hired by an individual may do a custody investigation in determining the best placement of a child between the legal custodial guardians.
  3. Cyber Crime/computer forensics. These private detectives specialize in technology-related or computer crime. Investigative techniques and analysis collect evidence from the high-tech world.

Any of these private investigators you need, look for reliable detectives. The best private detective in Singapore.