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What are the stages in designing a timing tooth belt?

As the name shows, the timing belts are known as tooth belts and these belts are made out of quality rubber. It contains the hard teeth inside the belt used to interlock with the camshaft and wheels of the crankshafts. The main purpose of these correas dentadas is to synchronize the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft.

Further, with the help of these timing belts, you can easily open and close the valves of the engine at the time of intake and exhaust strokes of every cylinder. Also, these timing belts help in preventing the piston to stuck in the valves. Because of the tooth, this task becomes a lot easier.

In the further article, we will discuss the stages through which a timing belt passes for design. You can find these stages of designing below:

  1. Peak torque: stage 1: It is the first stage, and it contains the determination of the peak torque to drive. That’s why it is an important stage for the correas dentadas.
  1. Determination of the diameter: stage 2: It is stage two, and in this stage, the diameter of the timing belt is determined so that it can become useful to fit in any required place.
  1. Tooth selection: stage 3: In this third stage, the tooth profile is selected so that they can fit perfectly according to your needs.
  1. Calculate TIM: stage 4: It is the fourth stage in which teeth in the mash (TIM) calculate. It is also a necessary stage to make the timing belts, and this way, timing belts are made perfect.

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  1. Pitch length: stage 5: in this stage, the pitch of the timing belt is determined and calculated to get a good belt.
  1. Length Division: stage 6: In this stage, the length of the timing belt is determined and selected.
  1. Calculation of effective tension: stage 7: The timing belt contains the effective tension. So, in stage 7, the timing belt has to pass through the calculation of the effective tension.
  1. Width selection: stage 8: In stage 8, the width of the timing belt is calculated to get the perfect belt size.
  1. Length calculation: stage 9: It is the last stage in the making of the timing belt in which the overall length is to be calculated so you can get the best and required length of the timing belt.


The above stages are necessary to make a perfect and reliable timing belt, and every timing belt has to pass through these necessary stages.