Evolution has been a vital and a highly sophisticated phenomenon. It has resulted in humans developing features that have allowed them to live in a better way. It is this evolution that has shifted the primal motive of the human race from survival to living. People, today do not settle for the absolute bare minimum and instead chase better things that allow them to have a higher standard of living. Among this chase, non renewable resources have taken a toll. This article proceeds to explain how and why the need for a green energy solution has been on the rise.

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What is green energy and why is it the need of the hour?

We all know that energy comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels is the term given to the fuel extracted from the dead and decayed extracts of fossil animals found, buried under the Earth. The amount of fossil fuel, in the world is in a limited quantity. This fossil fuel, when extinct, would cause a major problem for all aspects of the global economy. This is why green energy, which refers to energy that is made using sustainable sources such as the sun, and causes relatively less pollution and harm as compared to fossil fuels, is the need of the hour. Fossil fuels, when used, also cause high amounts of pollution and increase as well as accelerate global warming. Clean and Smart Energy Connect fuels act as a healthier for the environment alternative to fossil fuels. Not only this but a majority of industries that use fossil fuels, operate machinery that does not work on anything other than that. This is why it is important that industries that have the option of using cleaner fuels and working in an equally efficient manner, do so. This helps save fossil fuel for the countries and industries that genuinely need it.

When we talk about clean energy resources, we believe that there might not be a plethora of options available, and the existing few might not be as strong as their non renewable alternative. However, all these are mere myths. When we talk about greener cleaner fuels, we must remember that there are multiple options present. From solar power, to hydro power, to even wind power. One can make energy out of nothing using advance physics. The world today is doing a commendable job, trying to find and use green and clean energy sources. However, experts and climate scientists believe that we might not be moving fast enough to undo the years worth of damage already done.